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IP Hall of Fame Academy members

The IP Hall of Fame Academy comprises previous, living inductees into the IP Hall of Fame, the panellists from the 2006 IP Hall of Fame induction process and individuals who have been put forward for membership as a consequence of their acknowledged expertise in international intellectual property issues. Moving forward, people will qualify for Academy membership only if they are inducted into the IP Hall of Fame or if their names are submitted for consideration by an existing member.

The role of Academy members is to select IP Hall of Fame inductees from the nominations made by the global IP community.

Current members are (click on name for more information):

Francis Gurry
Paul Michel
Miles Alexander
Dolores Hanna
Gerald Mossinghoff
Hisamitsu Arai
Ian Harvey
Alexander von Mühlendahl
Robert Armitage
Bowman Heiden
Ronald Myrick
Heinz Bardehle
Robin Jacob
Pauline Newman
Allen Baum
Stephen James
Shinjiro Ono
Birch Bayh
Karl Jorda
Jochen Pagenberg
Lynne Beresford
David Kappos
Ruud Peters
Bruce Berman
Michael Kirk
Marybeth Peters
Donald Chisum
Malte Köllner
Marshall Phelps
Peter Chrocziel
Klaus-Dieter Langfinger
Jeremy Phillips
Dennis Crouch
Bruce Lehman
Randall Rader
Béatrix de Russé
Tian Lipu
Niels Reimers
Q Todd Dickinson
James Malackowski
Kevin Rivette
Alan Drewsen
Damon Matteo
Peter Dirk Siemsen
Donald Dunner
J Thomas McCarthy
James Sobieraj
Melvin Garner
Dan McCurdy
Joseph Straus
Jerome Gilson
Ciarán McGinley
David Tatham
Jane Ginsburg
Peter Meier-Beck
Herbert Wamsley
Anne Gundelfinger
Chris Mercer



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